My Dreams Won’t Resist is a wonky dreamy journey along the high roads and byroads of California. A meditative trip, shot from the back seat of a self-driving car, it delves into a reoccurring Irish childhood dream of being trapped in an out-of-control automobile. The protagonist, the self-driving car, has forgotten its destination but through various breathing exercises is finally finding its way home. Breathing a form of self-regulation, creates a sense of safety necessary to support decision making. In this landscape, spiritual awakenings abound but are we inside the ultimate trance machine, perpetually awaiting release.


CGI - Enter Yes
Composition -Jane Deasy
Sound Design - Karl Buke
Dreamers - Amanda Healy, Olga Tiernan,
Ann Maria Healy, Julie Kelleher
Hand - Aine McBride
Voice - Natlie Nightengale 

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